Desks and Maine Cottage colours

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Feb 12 2007

I decided to go back to one of my favourite sites for inspiration.

My previous talk about desks have involved teak mid century pieces, antique pieces… but Maine Cottage remains a constant favourite. I still love love love painted pieces.

Maybe i’ll get a hot pink study hehehe

See the gorgeous paint pallete… I LOVE their paint colours.

In an alternate world, I’d fill my home with pieces painted like this. Would be living in a box of crayons!

Picking a paint colour is oh-so-important. Makes the piece, or kills the space. Also as important is selecting a paint finish. I have always preferred a smooth, gloss finish and feel to the chalky texture. Chalky seems rough, dirty and too rustic for me.

Are you a gloss lover or do you prefer the chalky feel to your furniture?

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