crowd habits

things about crowds that annoy me.

1. some people walk real slow! at peak hour time.

2. some people stop to have conversations mid-traffic. and then don’t move to the side.

3. some people stop mid-traffic to dig gunk out of their teeth.

4. some people have no idea what they’re doing or where they’re going.

5. some people do a 360° turn. cause massive unintentional body contact jams.

just saying…

2 February 2005
26 June 2005



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    11 February 2005

    hey there! mmm, depends on the caller, sometimes i do need to take a call like for business etc. if it’s durig business horurs, i’ll need to answer them. also, because my mobile does not have an answering machine, cheapskate that i am, i normally answer and say something like “im just having dinner with someone, can i call you later?”i have so many pet peeves it’s not a joke anymore! like people on the train who insist on a seating space for their precious handbag! come on!

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    16 February 2005

    so is the toilet seat problem a problem with you and drew yet? or would this start fireworks?addie

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    16 February 2005

    the good thing about living in an area with plenty of space is that you get gems like the place we’re at with two large full bathrooms! :) so no fighting… occasionally he leaves the seat up, but normally it’s fine :) now… his socks… that’s another story! :)


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