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How was your weekend? We prayed that the Victorian fires wouldn’t come near us… and thank God, it didn’t. Sunday was a a cool, slightly wet day which was so nice. We went to the Camberwell Markets… I scored a new yellow art glass vase to add to my slowly growing collection lining the mantlepiece, 2 Polly Pockets for Hannah, a little sweet picture and a large picture for my wall.

My score from the Camberwell Markets

My score from the Camberwell Markets

Reversible Destiny Lofts

In other news, I had a rather freaky incident on Friday night while surfing a website I stumbled on, Found Shit.

No kidding. I almost fell off my chair when I saw this pic.

The colourful <a href="">Reversible Destiny</a> lofts in Mitaka, Japan.

The colourful Reversible Destiny lofts in Mitaka, Japan.

I had a recurrent dream living in one of these places almost a year ago!!! I still remember the layout of this home, except this wasn’t on a busy street in Japan! It was in an English countryside… with bulbous but large, high, bright rooms inside.

The weird thing is… until Saturday, I’d never seen/heard of this Japanese concept living before!

This is the Reversible Destiny lofts in Mitaka, Japan built in memory of Helen Keller. This is the excerpt from their website:

The colourful <a href="">Reversible Destiny</a> lofts in Mitaka, Japan.

The colourful Reversible Destiny lofts in Mitaka, Japan.

The nine-unit multiple dwelling… [is the] first completed example of procedural architecture… [which is] an architecture of precision and unending invention.

Works of procedural architecture function as well-tooled pieces of equipment that help the body organize its thoughts and actions to a greater degree than had previously been thought possible.

These lofts address and reframe, right in the midst of the workaday world, what have thus-far been intractable philosophical problems, even at times giving rise to possible solutions. Set up to put fruitfully into question all that goes on within them, they steer residents to examine minutely the actions they take and to reconsider and, as it were, recalibrate their equanimity and self-possession, causing them to doubt themselves long enough to find a way to reinvent themselves.

These tactically posed architectural volumes put human organisms on the track of why they are as they are. To be sure, every loft comes with a set of directions for use.

Wow, ok. That’s some lingo!

26 February 2009



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    2 March 2009

    Man I wish I had my old polly pockets. Thanks for the time warp :)

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    3 March 2009

    yeah the vintage ones are fetching some pretty special dollars now on ebay! i always wanted my own… couldn’t afford one growing up, my cousin had one though and i loved playing with it. i’ve always loved small versions of things :P

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    purple area

    8 March 2009

    Amazing house, looks really fun, like a child have designed it.

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    11 March 2009

    purple area: i think that was part of the mentality behind it. only kids would really come up with this, and have fun living in it!

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    27 March 2009

    WOW. I would like to take a peek inside of those lofts. I wonder if they are cute at all. Daisy~

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    28 March 2009

    daisy. the only disappointing thing about it is that the interiors are quite gloomy and boring! i’d love to work on the interiors and make it bright, funky and mod!

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