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  • Picture Rails

    23 August 2007
    Wallpaper above the pic rail

    Last weekend, we inspected an “older-style” 3 bedroom, single storey house for rent. It had been updated and the master bedroom boasted THREE sets…

  • Etsy artist Atwhim

    23 July 2007

    I love these two prints (of out many other beautiful works) from Etsy seller Atwhim.

    Maude. US$15.

    Etsy Seller Atwhim’s bright and beautiful…

  • My Suzanne Clements

    30 May 2007
    Suzanne Clements pink brown girl original art

    I’ve bought these.

    I loved the colour combination, and the fluid drawings.

    What about this above the lounge? Too intimate??? I love it though,…

  • Audrey Art

    16 May 2007
    Red and cream Audrey Hepburn

    Yes it’s another Audrey Hepburn post.

    Audrey Hepburn has always been the eternal style icon for me. Always wanted an Audrey Hepburn art collection but…

  • flora in metal

    21 April 2007
    susan bradley floral shelves

    Man i SO love these things. I saw them about 8 months ago and just need to revisit them now. Shelves in flowers…

  • wallpaper love affair

    22 January 2007

    I’ve always loved wallpaper… since we’re renting and will be renting for a while… need to think about how to use wallpaper in interesting…

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Friends and family call me drey (pronounced 'dree'... short for Audrey) and I can often be found zipping through op-shops and vintage stores in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

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