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Paperbean Design relogo_Aug2007

For those of you who don’t know (most of you!) I run a small home business doing event stationery and graphic design. I am itching to update/change my logo and seek your help in choosing one of the below.

Paperbean Design relogo_Aug2007

I am open to comments and suggestions..

HELP! I know most of my readers are busy people and have only so much time to view their blogrolls, but please I’d appreciate a comment or two, just to say hi and which ones of the below looks best. Thanks so much in advance and come back to follow my blog-journey!

5 August 2007



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    the occasional cig...

    31 July 2007

    Oh, the one that’s next to last, with the gray then orange? Yeah, that one is fan-friggin’-tastic!And ‘hi’!SamHomegrown Skinny Handmade

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    1 August 2007

    Hi thereI agree. The grey and orange, second last one looks best to me. CheersSophPS Is there some way to work the “event stationery…” line in, without including it in the logo? It’s probably handy for people who don’t know your business…

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    2 August 2007

    I like the one that’s next to last – but prefer it in grey adn pink. Somehow, pink goes better with card designs (imho)! :)Shoudl definitely include the dragonfly anyhow!

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    Maryam in Marrakesh

    3 August 2007

    I like the first one but I would like it more if the bean was in a different color.

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    3 August 2007

    I am glad I stopped by today!!! ;)I love the dragonfly next to the P in paper. Its hard for me to pick one….I go through this all the time when designing stuff for my JD Design website. You can drive yourself crazy over stuff like this!!!! I like the black in your logo you have now, it stands out better. I vote for the 3rd one,…it seems to jump out the most to me. Sorry I typed a novel. lol ;) good luck.

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    3 August 2007

    I just looked at your website, very pretty, I love it!!!!

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    4 August 2007

    Hi there!Third one down in pinkEnjoying your blog!

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    4 August 2007

    thanks guys, i am listening and processing all this :)

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    4 August 2007

    thanks guys, i am listening and processing all this :)

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    6 August 2007

    eh… i commented before, but it seems to have disappeared.i voted for the first one; grey and pink.the order of bold letters to non-bold is nice and clearer cuz it’s grey first then pink. and the dragonfly is pretty.

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    8 August 2007

    I like second to last one. But I dont like the grey – I think I would like combining pink and orange.

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    Another Shade of Grey

    10 August 2007

    #1 and #4 are my favs. :)

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    Le Lion

    11 August 2007

    i love the pink and grey w/out dragonfly.

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    18 August 2007

    i like the 1st onevera

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    16 December 2007

    hello – I like the plain (no dragon fly) pink paper and grey bean. For me this one stands out and is most appealing aesthetically. : )

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    16 December 2007

    thanks all :)

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    23 January 2008

    I like the last one, but with different colors.

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    16 February 2008

    I like the second one from bottom. But with gray with pink. I do like the one in the middle but i think the dragonfly gives it a hit of a personal touch. I love the type on this. I know it is difficult to create a logo for your own company. For me when it comes to others its simple but when it comes to designing something for yourself its difficult. I like your logo designs.

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    25 July 2008

    Well you don’t know me from Eve but I stumbled across your blog in my search of fairy wing patterns and saw your plea for help. If voting is still allowed I love the first one (the one listed right after your ‘current’ one). Try Flickr for feedback generally if posted and asked in an ‘open’ fashion the feedback is pretty helpful.Cheers


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