Bedside table makeover

Bedside tables found on the side of the road

These were lying by the side of the road, waiting for some lucky soul.

Bedside tables found on the side of the road

Totally blah bedside tables found on the side of the road

After convincing my husband that while it looked too good to be thrown out, it was brought into my house. I had great plans for it. They were covered in YUCKY milk paint and took me three days to strip it for painting.

I chose Napoli from Bristol Paints: a beautiful rich turquoise teal colour in high gloss. Painting in Melbourne right now isn’t a real smart idea given it is cold and a little wet, but I couldn’t wait.

A week later and after second coat, I started on the drawers. Also found some cool black and white drawer knobs from Provincial Home Living for $2.95 each.

After another three days of leaving it out to dry, this is the result:

The bedside tables after a makeover

The bedside tables after a makeover

Very happy with it.

19 September 2007



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    20 September 2007

    Very pretty. Nice job. I have no knack in doing that. And the made bed shows it off as well.

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    20 September 2007

    Great blue. They look so cute now!

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    21 September 2007

    thanks addie :) yeah our bed isn’t made v. often. every night before sleeping, but not when waking up :Pjo, i love the blue. isn’t actually blue, it’s teal but v. hard to get on camera! trust me, i tried.

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    Jackie Von Tobel

    21 September 2007

    Great Job, I love the color and the high gloss finish. Jackie

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    25 September 2007

    These are so cute!!!!!!!! I can’t believe someone was throwing them away. I throw stuff away,…but its not cute, and really is trash. lol Great find! Great way to save money. Love the blue.


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