Beauty in Absolute Black Rooms

Matte black wall with white trim and detail

Women think of all colours…
except the absence of colour.
I have said that black has it all.
White too.
Their beauty is absolute.
It is the perfect harmony.

Coco Chanel

I have grown to appreciate the grown-up-ness of a room adorned with black walls. While black has its history in dark, rebellious, poster-filled teenage rooms, it has entered the chic and elegant realm.

Desk against black wall and windows with light, via Lonny.

via Lonny

My favourite combo is:

black black walls
white, white trim
the warm tones of cognac in leather and woods
the bling of copper, brass and orange.

Black requires light

Of course, the one golden rule about black black walls… are the absolute necessity of an abundance of natural light.

Black dining room with white trim and teal dining chairs, via forfur

via forfur

Without black, no color has any depth.
But if you mix black with everything,
suddenly there’s shadow
– no, not just shadow, but fullness.
You’ve got to be willing to
mix black into your palette
if you want to create something that’s real.

Amy Grant

Black is dramatic and daring.
It has that forbidden quality,
which is irresistible.
I think of
sexy black negligees and
fast black cars.
A room painted black is
a place where you can tell secrets.
The semigloss finish gives it an edge,
like patent leather,
and makes everything pop.
You have to be very confident to use black,
and that kind of confidence is very attractive.

Nancy Boszhardt

Why grow black flowers?
Not just for the sake of having
a conversation piece in your garden,
although they are good for that.
The best reason is because
they have so many design uses.
For example, black flowers are great
for cooling down hot colors,
like fire-engine-red ‘Lucifer’ crocosmia
or hot-orange Mexican sunflower.

Garden Gate Magazine

Black room with gold chandelier and black flowy curtains, via Nest

via Nest

I’ve been 40 years discovering that
the queen of all colors was black.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Copper lights with black and white lounge in black walls

Black walls with fire and cognac leather armchairs

22 July 2013



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