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May 25 2011
Barbie prints on the wall

Barbie prints on the wall

Again, I can’t say I did it first! How many times do I have to have that “hey I have a great idea! I’ll do it, it’ll be so cool and unusual” and find it already done.

I went through my newest collection of ideas-file collected over the last few weeks and stared at the wall of the above image and realised what I was looking at.

My Barbie calendar 2011

My Barbie calendar 2011

I was going to frame all 12 months of my Barbie 2011 wall calendar and do as above (in much less luxurious surroundings).

{If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you’d know I appreciate Barbie!}

Bleh. (Although I’m sure the designer/owner in the room above got the prints NOT off this calendar!)

Still going to do it anyway. One day.

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