Art deco 1920s decor: Jeeves & Wooster

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Aug 19 2009
Wooster's living room and foyer, Jeeves & Wooster

I enjoyed a recent-shown-on Australian-TV-but-ancient re-run of Parkinson a few weeks ago. He hosted Hugh Laurie and in the course of the show, Hugh Laurie made a mention to his previous work in Jeeves and Wooster (with co-star Stephen Fry in 1990-93). This perked my interest tremendously because I’m a great fan of PG Wodehouse‘s work and love the Jeeves series.

Entrance door to Wooster's apartment building, Jeeves & Wooster

Entrance door to Wooster’s apartment building, Jeeves & Wooster

But the decor is what I’m here to gab about… a mere 2-3 years ago, the 1920s/art deco was never something I liked. But with the re-emergence of the 1950s Eames et all’s decor, I’ve come to truly appreciate furniture and furnishings with clean, architectural, sharp lines but incredibly beautifully crafted. [‘Course, later 1930s art nouveau pieces tended to be over-flourished, as captured in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.]

Jeeves living room, Jeeves & Wooster

Jeeves living room, Jeeves & Wooster

Let’s move on… the single uppercrust gentlemen’s living quarters as depicted in Jeeves and Wooster is something quite beautiful; warm honey tones, well made but understated furniture, un-ornamental… (Bertram “Bertie” Wooster is a well-to-do bachelor, a minor aristocrat and member of the 1920s idle rich).

Starting at the front door… I love the detail on the front door and trim, wish moldings today were as classy!

Jeeves front door and art deco door trim, Jeeves & Wooster

Jeeves front door and art deco door trim, Jeeves & Wooster

The foyer is not cluttered, simple and the colours of the whole apartment is easy on the eye and rather classy, even for today.

Wooster's living room and foyer,  Jeeves & Wooster

Wooster’s living room and foyer, Jeeves & Wooster

Check out the light fitting, the tortoiseshell umbrella and walking stick stand, the warm cappucino paint and the super white moldings and doors and trimmings!

Facing the front door is Wooster’s ne’er-used writing desk/office and living room.

Wooster's living room,  Jeeves & Wooster

Wooster’s living room, Jeeves & Wooster

I must say this living room is my favourite in the house. It’s beautifully placed, beautifully put together and the pieces are beautifully made/chosen! Three well appointed, comfortable seats, placed around a 1920s fireplace and dotted with two small side tables… all gorgeous honey maple burr!

The mantlepiece in Wooster's living room,  Jeeves & Wooster

The mantlepiece in Wooster’s living room, Jeeves & Wooster

Love the detail of the simple mirror on the mantel of the fireplace. Again I am wowed by the detail of the door (to his bedroom). Simple lines of the fireplace too, repetition of the mirror surfaces at the bottom… And in the mirror, you can see that behind the 3 seater couch, there is Wooster’s grand baby piano! mmmmmmmmm

Wooster at his piano, Jeeves & Wooster

Wooster at his piano, Jeeves & Wooster

Have you ran your hands against these sorts of 1920s pieces? The wood is so smooth… the craftsmanship so fine… mmmmmm I love how each wall has just one painting…

Behind the sofa, opposite the piano is the door to kitchen and double doors to dining room. I love also the understated “bar” next to the kitchen door… on a quiet console…

Entrance into Wooster's bedroom, Jeeves & Wooster

Entrance into Wooster’s bedroom, Jeeves & Wooster

And behind those double doors… is a simply furnished dining room. Of course, centrepiece is a lovely art deco dining suite, seating 6.

Wooster's dining room, Jeeves & Wooster

Wooster’s dining room, Jeeves & Wooster

Did you notice the lovely detail on the doors?? Mm-hmm!

The sideboard next to the service door to the kitchen is the same wood of course, and above it a metal artwork piece… in bronze?

Wooster's dining table, Jeeves & Wooster

Wooster’s dining table, Jeeves & Wooster

The kitchen is starkly different! Nothing rich in furnishings, but still very amply stocked, plenty of storage and nothing dirty, everything’s in place.

Wooster's kitchen, Jeeves & Wooster

Wooster’s kitchen, Jeeves & Wooster

Wooster's silver, Jeeves & Wooster

Wooster’s silver, Jeeves & Wooster

Jeeves stocking Wooster's butler's pantry, Jeeves & Wooster

Jeeves stocking Wooster’s butler’s pantry, Jeeves & Wooster

And in the bedroom… again the furnishings are simple yet expensive looking.

The bed faces the door… and is flanked by two side tables… but what I do love is the dresser with its cute drawers!

Wooster's bedroom, Jeeves & Wooster

Wooster’s bedroom, Jeeves & Wooster

The first episode you see an empty tortoiseshell vase on the console table on the right… but after hiring the awesome Jeeves, that vase is always filled with white flowers… nice, against the coffee coloured wall.

Glimpse into Wooster's gentleman's wardrobe, Jeeves & Wooster

Glimpse into Wooster’s gentleman’s wardrobe, Jeeves & Wooster

Next to the door is the gentlemen’s wardrobe, built into the wall. Looks oh so neat, but hides a plethora of 1920s gentlemen’s attire and pieces.

Jeeves at Wooster's wardrobe, Jeeves & Wooster

Jeeves at Wooster’s wardrobe, Jeeves & Wooster

Next to the bed on the wall separating the bathroom is a handsome chest with some classy and understated silver dresser pieces… the equivalent of a dressing table, I’d suppose! The man-version.

A glimpse of Wooster's vanity top, Jeeves & Wooster

A glimpse of Wooster’s vanity top, Jeeves & Wooster

I really do like that idea. Might steal it :)

I really liked the layout of the apartment too… very well planned… luxuries (I mean, a baby grand in a small one bedroom apartment)… but sparse-ish.

And because I’m mad as a hatter, and don’t require sleep heh… I thought I’d map it out…

Jeeve & Wooster's apartment blueprint

Jeeve & Wooster’s apartment blueprint, larger version here.

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