Anna Sui high gloss black.

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Mar 1 2007

We are leaving Toronto, Canada very soon. Heading across to my sister in Lancaster County, Pennyslavia. We’re sad about leaving. It’s been stressful work for my husband but we have also really relished the chance to travel and see what we could not have afforded to otherwise, thanks to his work.

We don’t have Anna Sui counters in Australia in every Myers or David Jones department stores but I see them here. Sears, Eaton Centre, Toronto. I’m not sure if the furniture there is standard across all Anna Sui stores, but I LOVE their dramatic flair! All their furniture pieces, i.e. dressers, hutches, tables, chairs are all in high gloss black. Everything’s black.

Hmm. I quite like that look! Picture in a white and pale yellow room! Pretty sleek!

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