And what of boudoirs in bathrooms?

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Apr 30 2009
Blue boudoir in bathroom
Candy coloured bathroom boudoir

Candy coloured bathroom boudoir

sred-kitty wrote in saying she was keen on creating a boudoir in her bathroom… what a great idea for those who can’t afford much space elsewhere! I thought it would be fun to gather some inspiration and add some ideas/thoughts:


The easiest way to create a boudoir-experience upon entering your bathroom is, of course, to paint the whole room in some totally different, totally fantasy, totally unexpected colour:

Go for a lush magenta:

A magenta bathroom

Or a bright cherry yellow:

Yellow tiled bathroom

Make sure you actually look good surrounded by that colour + lighting!

Some of us just don’t look good in/around yellow (especially if your complexion has tones of pale green/blue)… if you’re more on the ruddy side, a pink/red/purple room will do you NO wonders. How to decide? Visit a paper store along with a large mirror (not compact sized).

Ask a store assistant to hold the mirror while you hold two pieces of paper of your favourite colour choices on either side of your face. Walk around and see your reflection in different lights (sun, halogen, incandescent). Hey you will look silly, but at least you’ll give said store assistant a story to tell ;) and your efforts will repay itself in a bathroom that will reflect the best in you.

Or super gloss, almost mirror finish aqua

Blue boudoir in bathroom

Or gloss pink

Pink gloss bathroom

High impact lighting

I love chandeliers in surprising spots (got one in Hannah’s room!)… where more surprising than in a bathroom? Like the purple chandelier in the pink bathroom above?

Even love it more when the chandelier is hanging low to create an interest on the wall.

Low  chandelier against a bright blue bathroom wall

Select exquisite pieces

Furnishing it with exquisite mirrors, chairs and shelving. Don’t you like the charm of the simple, white shelving above? Perfect place to show off gorgeous bottles and soaps. Instead of going all white tones like the one above, what about going jewel-box, like what I did in my small restroom?

I love the oversized mirror here. Ornate and pretty and very girly. And oh to have the luxury of a pretty chair!

Pink clawfoot bath with art print with pink stockinged feet

Pink clawfoot bath with art print with pink stockinged feet, via Oak Management

Don’t you love the small chic painted ballerina in that corner? Or you can go super large, like the one below:

A bathroom with Every wall a different shade of pink

Painting the bathtub also instantly adds appeal and beauty to a space that normally isn’t large enough for extra pieces of furniture. Tangerine? Lime green? Cheery yellow?

Luxe never hurt anyone

Bringing in some bling into the bathroom boudoir is a must. Check out this extravagant mirror!

Venetian mirror in a bathroom

I love how the sharp lines of the mirror exudes a bling and formality that is dressed down by the warm red tones of the cabinet.

Or go totally formal in feeling.. yet still totally feminine:

Big impact with a large marble bust

Big impact with a large marble bust


Wallpaper is an easy way to add instant “ooh-ness” to a normally plain, oft-neglected space…

A more dramatic feel… punchy.

Silhouette wallpaper in a bathroom

A softer feel…

Soft peach wallpaper in a bathroom

And I have to add one of my favourite wallpapers here from Thibaut.

A bathroom wallpapered in a Thibaut piece

A bathroom wallpapered in a Thibaut piece

Btw, while I love love love wallpaper in here, not too sure about it with all the moistness in the air!

Tile the lot

Brown and white tiled bathroom

Of course, any Bisazza job is luxury in itself!

Fun, fun, fun! Wish I had the budget, let’s see what you do sred-kitty! Let us know.

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