An emerald wallpaper

So some of you have been wondering why the sudden switch from yellow to green after the years of yabbling on about yellow. I still love yellows and parts of my home have strong yellows punches. But I have held this deep rich green close to me since childhood. While yellow makes me feel happy, green makes me take in deep breaths and leaves me at peace.

In this rental, when you enter the living room, you instantly get to see down the hallway right past three other bedrooms into our master bedroom. At the moment there is yucky cornflower blue with dark trim and two ugly cupids flanking where the bed is obviously meant to go.

I dream of the day when we can paint this entire room white. But I’d love to wallpaper the entire wall that the hallway faces with a rich floral emerald green. The master bedroom isn’t the brightest room, but in the mornings, lovely morning dappled sun streams through. But the ugly paint colour does nothing to highlight the scenery outside the large window.

I had something in mind. A rich emerald green background with bold colourful flowers. But these are slim pickings.

What I did find abundance of is the super-expensive chinoiserie-type of wallpapers, which I’ve blogged about before, in green colourways:

I love them. I guess I had something with bolder florals in mind. The above were exquisite, but very delicate. To draw the eye down the long hallway, something larger was begging. Something like the bold wallpaper in Portuguese interior designer Maria Barros‘ dining room:

Maria Barros' dining room, via The Glam Pad

Maria Barros‘ dining room, via The Glam Pad

Close up of wallpaper in Maria Barros' dining room, via The Glam Pad

Close up of wallpaper in Maria Barros’ dining room, via The Glam Pad

Even this wasn’t emerald enough.

Nothing quite matches the vision in mind!

This was the closest link between the bolder and the chinoiserie-esque look:

Failing me finding something in emerald green, I could always start wishing for 17th century crewel work by Robert Couturier!

If I had a cool USD$2,000 I’d grab these deGournay panels from eBay:

2 deGournay chinoiserie silk panels, via eBay

via eBay

Love the vision for my master bedroom

Anyhoo. White walls, white solid door, white window trim, white furniture and emerald green wallpaper on long wall.



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