Alchemy Fine Living and painting 101

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Sep 29 2014

In order to prepare myself to paint our new-to-us home and a few other projects, I started Youtube-ing for tips and tricks, techniques and best practices for the DIY painter. I found a few really helpful videos:

Rob from Australia’s Better Home and Gardens had a great Youtube video:

I also found this one really helpful, by master painter Jason Cinicolo:

But I stumbled on Alchemy Fine Living‘s series of Youtube videos. She has 55 videos on painting and refinishing furniture. And they are easy to follow and great to learn from. I wish I had her set of tools but I am happy with my few basic tools for now.

Alchemy Fine Living is a business in Orange County, CA, USA, run by Deana and her mother. Alchemy Fine Living, which is a store selling vintage furniture and treasures, also offers furniture painting services, upholstery, and custom slipcovers. Since I am in Australia, I’ve found her Youtube videos the most helpful, of course!

Deana also has a blog which I’ve added to my blogroll and going to read up on.

Visit Deana’s Youtube videos here and keep coming to my blog too, to read up on our journey as we update this tired ol’ lady of a home. Two more weeks till settlement!

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