A thing of love

My thrifted pink art glass decanter

Sometimes you see something that you just gotta have. There are a few things that make something a must-grab item:

1. Vintage (often one-offs)

2. Not badly priced at all!

Enter this:

My thrifted pink art glass decanter

My thrifted pink art glass decanter

I got this lovely pink art glass decanter while tagging along with the in laws visiting their relative 1.5 hours’ drive away last week. It’s not quite pink, not quite rose. It’s gloriously it’s own pink!

Been wanting to revisit this huge antiques warehouse in Frankston area, Victoria, Australia. Discovered it on the in laws’ last visit. We left the warehouse only because closing time! Already spent 2 hours in it and didn’t get to see 50% of it.

Anyway. The depth of colour and quality of vividity (that a word?) makes me smile every time I see it. Since then, I’ve been scouring eBay for more of similar items of make and colour… not been successful. But a collection is supposed to be a search of love and time, rather than of a frenzy, hey?

Does anyone know if this is a Murano? Or art glass?

24 July 2007
26 July 2007



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    Julie at BV

    26 July 2007

    I love the color. great buy

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    Julie at BV

    26 July 2007

    I love the color. great buy

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    26 July 2007

    I have no idea what that is – I do know it’s FABULOUS. I love all that is pink.

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    26 July 2007

    thanks ladies, i love it. hmm there’s no makers mark or anything… blah. would love to call it a “someone someone” decanter (like a “Jonathan Adler vase”) heheheh


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