A lesson about lighting

Photos and stories at Mid Century Modern Remodel

… the great thing about Google is that you can learn from others mistakes as they chronicle their home DIY renovations.

One of the first things I’m doing after settlement date on the house (mid-Oct) will be to change out the “granny” lighting, as I like to call it. It’s ’80s in style, and not the good 80s kind of style.

[The house was built in the 80s. While the house was made pretty solidly, I think it was a budget fitout.]

The existing granny lighting provides us with some lighting, but it is neither pretty nor sufficient. One ceiling light in a large space is not enough for task or ambient or anything. I desperately want prettier ceiling lights… and have been hunting for Holmegaard cased lighting:

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When we moved into this rental, I replaced the utterly-boring granny lightshade in the dining room with a vintage Guzzini vibrant yellow shade that is part of a pair I’ve been hoarding for five years. In the daytime, the shade looks good.

My dining room with the bright yellow light shade and newly painted yellow shelving. @bijoukaleidoscope.com

My dining room with the bright yellow light shade, via this post.

But at night, turned on, it is less than impressive. I’ve selected different bulbs and wattage strengths, cool and warm lights… But to no avail. I think it’s because there’s no other light than this one, and the shade does not provide enough light for the room. Plus the room looks so yellow! My beautiful yellow + white china cabinet looks all cream in this night time light.

These shades, while beautiful in shapes and colours, are at best, ambient and mood lighting. Certainly no task lighting. I think four downlights in that space will greatly bring up the shade’s beauty.

I’m not sure if downlights were the norm for the 80s, but the only place downlights exist in this house is in the later addition; the study above the garage. Yet another project for this dated home.

I felt like I’d found a fellow-commiserator when I read about Rebecca from Mid-Century Modern Remodel and her lighting fiasco.

She too, basically travelled the journey I’d gone through, except that she installed a Holmegaard piece, which is what I’m looking for:

Photos and stories at Mid Century Modern Remodel

Photos and stories at Mid Century Modern Remodel

So now I know that downlights are often useful to show off mood and ambient lighting! We’ll have to get some installed.

Now, to work around low-height ceiling conundrums. #neverendingjobsinthehome

22 September 2014



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