A Blast from the Past 80s

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Jul 19 2009
80s pencil case, via Flickr: Sakurako Kitsa


I HAVE to start with a disclaimer: I am NOT a Hello Kitty fan.

But. I am a fan of gadgety gear.

I am also a very selective fan of memorabilia from my childhood.

Today at Ikea, whilst walking rapidly towards the bathroom accessories section, I was hit.

Did you have one in the 1980s in school?? Everyone had one of these in school in Malaysia then!

The buttons on the left open up a pencil sharpener, a magnifying glass, a thermometer, eraser tray and one will even lift the pencil tray in the top layer up an angle! The inner lid face had a plastic pocket we could jot our weekly school timetable on. The BOTTOM of this case is ANOTHER opening for rulers and more pencils, and maybe a comb. I think mine had a mirror someplace.

When I got home from Ikea, I went on a hunting frenzy online. I didn’t find anything UNTIL THIS.

Thank you *Iron Lace*!!! This is not only similar to the one I had, but it is the exact one!

Man. I now want one desperately.
Have you seen one?
Have you GOT ONE?

Disney sell them.

So do Japanese stores… ebay has some, check under “pencil case”.

The magic action! (not exact match, just similar)

But I want me my VINTAGE one! (plus I reckon they’re better made and the buttons are sleeker.)

Did these images send you back a million years too? Share, I’d love to hear!

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